Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Learning Skirmish Sangin AARs

As I am new to Skirmish Sangin,  I have been running solo scenarios to test out ideas and concepts and get a better feel for the game. I use small units to simplify matters and have yet to include vehicles.

Below is an After Action Report of one such scenario, including the units.

ISAF Forces (Combat Authors)

Corp. Ralph Peters, Veteran (unpainted German fig w rifle high)
Body: 16 (14)
Armor: 1d10+4
Morale: 85%
Weapon: Assault Rifle (2d10)
Combat Phases: 2, 4, 6, 8
Rifle: 84%
Throw: 64%

Pvt. Tom Clancy, Average (unpainted German fig w rifle low)
Body: 14 (12)
Armor: 1d10+4
Morale: 55%
Weapon: Assault Rifle (2d10)
Combat Phases: 3, 5, 7, 9
Rifle: 52%
Throw: 42%

Pvt. Harold Coyle,  Average (unpainted German fig kneeling)
Body: 20 (18)
Armor: 1d10+4
Morale: 55%
Weapon: Assault Rifle (2d10)
Combat Phases: 1, 3, 5, 7

Insurgent Forces

Pedo Phile, Veteran (painted English fig w rifle high)
Body: 17
Morale: 75%
Weapon: Assault Rifle (2d10)
Combat Phases: 2, 4, 6, 8
Rifle: 78%
Throw: 68%

Phil McKrack, Average (painted English fig w rifle low)
Body: 13
Morale: 55%
Weapon: Assault Rifle (2d10)
Combat Phases: 3, 5, 7, 9
Rifle: 49%
Throw: 39%

Mo Lester (painted English fig w/ bayonet)
Body: 20
Morale: 55%
Weapon: Assault Rifle (2d10)
Combat Phases: 1, 3, 5, 7
Rifle: 70%
Throw: 60%

All have one fragmentation hand grenade.

Dusk Shootout

ISAF S2 (intelligence) has learned that insurgents are preparing a Vehicle Borne IED (VBIED) in a local village. Three experienced combat authors are chosen to investigate, and, if possible, to destroy the VBIED.

Meanwhile, three oddly named inurgents (and yet appropriate considering the insurgent's well documented affection for little boys) are prepping the VBIED.

The sun sets just as the authors enter the board from a randomly determined side of the board. All Spot rolls will be at a -25% due to the dusk lighting.

Combat Round/Phase 1.1

Pvt. Coyle advances to the edge of the nearby house and takes a knee.
Mo Lester sees Coyle move and Snap Fires, missing but forcing Coyle to make a Morale check his next active phase.

Corp. Peters runs to the cover of a truck.
Pedo Phile successfully spots Peters and shoots him (a roll of 06%), causing 13 points of damage. Peters' armor absorbs 7 points, leaving him with a Medium Wound. He is knocked unconscious and Clancy and Coyle must make a Morale test. The mission changes for the authors to getting Peters to safety.

Mo Lester cannot act as he snap fired before.
Phil McKrack walks to the Medium cover of the nearby wall and attempts to spot Coyle but fails to do so.
Pvt. Clancy fails his Morale check and retires to the dubious cover of a nearby bush.
Pvt. Coyle makes his Morale check and successfully spots McKrack. He aims and fires but a roll of 97% stunk.

Corp. Peters remains unconscious while Pedo Phile runs to new cover and stops.

Pvt. Coyle yells at Clancy to get his shit together and then misses his shot at McKrack.
Mo Lester jumps off the vehicle he was standing on and moves to the wall.
Clancy barely succeeds his Morale check and runs to assist the unconscious Corp. Peters.
Phil McKrack fails his Morale check, craps his pants and drops prone behind the wall.

While Peters remains unconscious, Pedo Phile walks to the edge of the building and does a quick look around. He spots Clancy and Peters.

Clancy fails to notice Pedo Phile and attempts First Aid on Peters. Unfortunately, he rolls a 97% and tries to give the wounded man an enema. Phil McKrack fails his Morale check and so remains prone behind the wall. He decides that it's a good time for a cigarette. Coyle, not seeing anything in his area and suspicious of Clancy's medical skills, moves to the other side of the house. Mo Lester moves to the Land Cruiser in front of the big house.

Pedo Phile preps a frag grenade and successfully throws it at Clancy and Peters.

Mo Lester walks to the corner of the house where Coyle had recently been and kneels. Clancy sees the grenade, shits his pants, makes his Morale check and flings the grenade back at Pedo Phile, who belatedly regrets not letting the grenade cook a bit before he tossed it. The grenade detonates and turns Pedo Phile into carnival splatter art with 25 points of damage. Everyone else will have to make a Morale test but are otherwise protected by cover and unharmed.

No characters go this phase.

Mo Lester fails his Morale check and drops prone. Coyle succeeds at his and moves forward to the front of the house to make sure no one survived the grenade.

Peters remains unconscious and Pedo Phile remains dead.

Clancy makes his Morale check and finally figures out that Peters is unconscious because of gunshot wounds and not constipation. Peters returns to the waking world. Mo Lester fails to see Clancy working behind the truck and moves closer. Phil McKrack finally succeeds at a Morale check and leaps into action, getting closer to the action at the next wall. Coyle utterly fails to see this (a 97% roll).

Peters, at 1/2 skills due to his wounds, fails to spot Mo Lester.

Coyle realizes that McKrack is crossing the road and shoots his ass, doing 12 points of damage and giving Phil McKrack a Critical Wound. The insurgent remains concious but wishes he wasn't. Meanwhile, Clancy sees Mo Lester at the house corner and fires, missing. Mo Lester fails the subsequent Morale test and drops prone.

Peters fails to see Mo Lester.

Mo Lester stands and charges Clancy, engaging in hand-to-hand combat. Unfortunately, he sucks at it and fails. Coyle turns and runs to help Clancy, scoring a Critical Success (a roll of 01%) and scores the maximum damage against the hapless Mo Lester. The insurgent takes a Critical Wound and is knocked unconscious.


The combat ends at that point. While Clancy preps Peters to move out, Coyle tosses a grenade into the VBIED. Clancy carries Peters out while Coyle carries Mo Lester out as a prisoner. In the end, the insurgents lose big time with Pedo Phile sent to his 72 virgins (which, it turns out, to be just one virgin who is 72 years old), Phil McKrack is left to bleed out in agony, and Mo Lester is sent to an Afghan prison where sweaty tattoo guys take turns being his personal proctologist. Corp. Peters recovers and retires to become a talking head on Fox News.

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