Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Images of Kolonit Neighborhood Battlefield

In my post of The Tulip and the Crescent,  I showed a map of the Kolonit neighborhood for the ambush and subsequent combat. I am working on creating that game board for use at Tacticon. Here are some pics. Note that I will be using 20mm miniatures (really 1/72 scale) rather that the 28mm miniatures suggested in the Skirmish Sangin book.

I can see that my map isn't quite right as the buildings are improperly sized. I will have to correct that. 

Looking from the west at the ambush site. 
The police cars are gray.

An unfortunately blurry image from the south looking north. The cars parked on the side of the road provide Medium Cover. 

A view from the northwest corner of the board looking east. I haven't put in the HO scale playground, but even with that, this avenue of approach for the DSI is pretty open with not much cover. I may add something after a few play tests. 

A view from the southwest corner looking north. The southern open space is supposed to be a football pitch (soccer field to us Americans) and open. The space between the housing blocks is narrow but the trees provide some cover from shooters on the rooftop. 

I will be doing some play testing of the scenario over the Christmas break and may make changes to the board and/or the scenario itself. 

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