Monday, June 8, 2015

Pisky Firefight

I'm going to leave the European Intifada for a post or two and go to a more real-world conflict. The conflict in the Ukraine has been in the news for several years now. The nation went through a period of civil unrest followed by a secession movement in the east by ethnic Russian separatists. It's quite possibly the world's worst kept secret that many of the "separatists" are in fact Russian troops operating out of uniform and that Russia is actively supporting the insurgents with weapons, training, and heavy equipment.

The Ukrainian national forces have gone through an extended period of poor support by the government and is largely operating on Soviet era equipment. When the secession began and combat occurred, the Ukrainian army had to scrounge just to find batteries for the few vehicles they had maintained. Even now, the military is poorly equipped thanks to the heavy debts of the government.

This scenario focuses on the ongoing fighting in the village of Pisky, outside the secessionist-held city of Donetz. The village has been the scene of near constant fighting and its population has dwindled from approximately 3000 to about 50 people, mostly those who cannot leave.


An intersection has become valuable property in the fighting. It is dominated by a damaged but still intact house (labelled #47 on the map) that is currently occupied by a squad of Ukrainian troops. The separatists intend to seize the house and either kill or capture the Ukrainians. They have a larger, better equipped and trained force but unfortunately lack the armoured firepower to make the assault a sure thing. For their part, although under powered and largely Novices, the Ukrainians have placed several (3) booby traps around the area of the house. The house provides Hard Cover (50%).

Combat takes place at night (-50 to Spot). Remember the -30% to Spot penalty for being within 12" of a grenade.

Phase 1 of Round 1 begins with the Ukrainians located in or near the house labelled 47. The Russians enter the board from the east and southeast.

Ukrainian National Troops

"This road is where the Russian bastards want to bring in some of the BTRs that Uncle Putin is handing out. But they can't do that until this very house is theirs so that makes this wreck the most important real estate in the Ukraine. Fight to keep it like it was your mother's own heart. "

The Ukrainians have three booby traps (grenades) to be placed on copy of map before game.

Russian Separatists

"Gather round and listen up. Our fight here will be much easier if we can bring in armoured vehicles and more heavy weapons. But to do that, we need to take the house with the second floor. We can do it, but we must be brave and get in close and use our grenades to clear the place. This is a night for dirty fighting."

Victory Conditions


  • For every Russian killed or Seriously Wounded: 10 pts
  • For every every Ukrainian in the house at the end of 4 rounds of combat: 25 pts


  • For every Ukrainian killed or Seriously Wounded: 10 pts
  • For every Russian in the house at the end of 4 rounds of combat: 25 pts