Sunday, May 3, 2015

New Skill Packages

In character creation in Skirmish Sangin there are skill packages that can be purchased to increase a particular figure's skills and Morale. Some, like Corporal or Officer, reflect specialized training so that the individual can fulfill a role in the unit. This is different from purchasing a higher level of character, which reflects a general improvement of skills across the board.

Although most modern militaries practice cross - training, some people are simply better at some things than others. Whether it's because of talent, training, or experience, not everyone is equal at some things.

So, I've created a pair of new skill packages for Skirmish Sangin. This will hopefully allow a little more diversity in characters and make games that much more fun.

Big Toys For Big Kids
+10% to Heavy Weapons
10 pt cost per character at character creation

Driver Course Star
+10% to Driving
10 pt cost per character at character creation