Sunday, December 4, 2016

Big Piles

Two terrain items that are iconic to The Division setting are large piles of uncollected trash and collections of dead bodies in body bags. 

To add to the ambience of my games, I created the following scatter terrain:

New Setting: The Division - Los Angeles

I like the setting for the video game The Division, a near future first person shooter that takes place in a wintery Manhattan following a devastating bioterror attack. While I've heard complaints about the game play, there is no denying that the design is darkly beautiful.

I've put together a co-existing setting that takes place in Los Angeles (the game clearly states that other cities around the world have also been attacked). I played a quick game in the world using Evil Bear Games OSC.

Turn 1, scavengers deployment point

Turn 2, Scavengers get into camp

Turn 1, California National Guard deployment

Turn 2, CNG squad takes cover and opens fire

Turn 2 end, Grenade hits police car and wipes out most Scavengers

Turn 3, CNG soldier gets behind but jams

End game, TPK for Scavengers