Monday, September 21, 2015

An Evening Rescue in Brummiegrad

This is an after-action report for a solo game I played over the weekend. The setting is the badly damaged city of Birmingham (Brummiegrad) during the Intifada. The Islamic State (IS) forces have three prisoners and are interrogating them (re: torture) at a ruined factory in the Ward End section of the city. A drone identified the location and a small mixed section of UK soldiers infiltrate the area to attempt a rescue.

The IS forces (the solo side) consisted of a Veteran, two Average fighters, and six novices. Their objective is to defend a position and prevent the UK soldiers from rescuing the prisoners.
  • Veteran - Muhammed w/ AK
  • Average + Sniper Training - Elam w/ AK
  • Average - Hussein w/ RPG-7
  • Novice - Saqqaff w/ AK
  • Novice - Saab w/ RPK
  • Novice - Albaf w/ AK
  • Novice - Alfarsi w/ AK
  • Novice - Abdulla w/ AK
  • Novice - Sultan w/ AK


The UK mixed section consists of three Royal Marines and two members of the West Midlands Police. The West Midlands Police have a deep knowledge of the area and are armed like soldiers, a role they’ve played ever since the beginning of the Intifada.
  • Elite - Sgt. Brady w/ SA80 + UGL
  • Veteran - Pvt. Entovich w/ SAW
  • Veteran - Pvt. Dooney w SLR
  • Average - Patrolman Karchee w/ SA80
  • Average - Patrolman Foster w/ SA80

The scenario takes place in the late autumn at dusk (–25 to Spot).

The UK soldiers approach from the south and initially attempt to get past a guard post by stealth.

Note on my action counting: The first number is the turn, the second number is the combat phase, and the third number is the rolled order of action. For example, 2.1.6 is turn two, combat phase one, and the character rolled a 6 on a d10 (house rule).

1.1   No Action
1.2    No Action
1.3    Sgt. Brady crawls across an open section to another position
1.4   Sultan fails to spot the crawling Brady (roll of 91)

1.4.5   Pvt. Dooney craws across the same open section and is spotted by Sultan. Sultan snap fires (04), hits Dooney for 7 damage, but Dooney’s armor absorbs the damage. Dooney swears prolifically but affirms that he’s all right.
1.5.5  Sgt. Brady aims and shoots Sultan, causing a Serious wound. Sultan is knocked unconscious.

1.6.1  Elam, in the ruined factory turns and runs 12m.
1.6.2  Patrolman Karchee runs 18m across the road to the car blocking the entrance to the alleyway.
1.6.4  Hussein, also in the factory, turns and runs toward the shooting.
1.6.6  Patrolman Foster runs 18m across the road toward the entrance of the ruined building.
1.6.8  Alfarsi emerges from the building adjacent to the factory and looks around, seeing nothing (failed spot).
1.6.9  Sultan begins to bleed out.
1.7.2  Brady runs 12m and stops at the car.

1.7.2  Muhammed orders Saqqaff to guard the prisoners and then runs outside to direct the fighting.
1.7.3  Pvt. Entovich grabs his SAW, lurches off the ground, and makes a run for the fighting.

1.7.4  Abdulla, full of piss and vinegar, runs outside and makes a beeline toward the sounds of fighting (18m)
1.7.5  Saab takes a position near the overturned truck and attempts to see what is going on and fails.
1.7.6  Albaf emerges from the building and takes up a position nearby.
1.7.10  Dooney passes his Morale test, curses in several languages, stands, and runs across the street toward his fellow soldiers.
1.8.1  Hussein picks up his RPG-7 and walks to a position he can peer down the alley but fails to see anything.
1.8.3  Patrolman Karchee takes a knee at the front of the car and tries to see what’s going on at the other end of the alley and fails.
1.8.6  Alfarsi continues to try and see what is going on and fails every time.
1.8.7  Foster reaches the building and takes a position flanking an opening in the building.
1.8.8  Sultan remains unconscious and continues to bleed out.
1.8.10  Elam edges between the overturned truck and the BMW and attempts to get a bead on the soldiers at the end of the alley and fails.
1.9.4  Muhammed takes a position right behind Elam and spots Sgt. Brady behind the car.

1.9.5  Entovich, always the last to the party, reaches the car and gets his SAW ready for action.
1.9.6  Brady spots Elam and gets off a quick shot. It hits but only grazes Elam, causing a Light wound.
1.9.8  Abdullah, races through the rubble, nearing a flanking position.
1.9.10  Dooney reaches the doorway of the building and looks into the ruined center, seeing nothing.
1.10.6  Karchee, unable to see anything at the end of the alley in the dim light, struggles to get a target.
1.10.7  Sultan remains unconscious and enters Critical stage from blood loss.
1.10.8  Hussein takes a knee near the edge of the overturned truck and sees the three soldiers behind the car at the end of the alley. He brings his RPG-7 to bear.
2.1.3  Saqqaff continues to guard the prisoners.
2.1.6  Saab runs and stops and successfully spots the UK soldiers.
2.2.1  Alfarsi runs to cover and stops.
2.2.2  Foster peers over the damaged wall, sees Abdulla running toward him and shoots him. Abdullah takes a Serious wound and skids to the ground.

2.2.10  Karchee finally gets a bead on Hussein and fires, but misses.
2.3.2  Albaf carefully walks forward and spots Foster.
2.3.4  Saqqaff continues to guard the prisoners.
2.3.5  Saab rips off a long burst with his RPK but the novice fails to hit a target (although all three soldiers have to make a Morale test)

2.3.6  Entovich passes his Morale and shoots at Saab, missing.
2.3.7  Dooney enters the building and fails to see the fighter on the other side of the wall.
2.3.8  Abdullah, his body stitched with bullets, remains unconscious and begins to bleed out.
2.3.9  Brady brings his underbarrel grenade launcher up and fires. The explosive lands within a few meters of Elam, Hussein, and Muhammed, who have no cover from that direction. All three are killed ugly (37, 30, and 18 damage).

2.4.1  Sultan remains unconscious as his lifeblood pools around him.
2.4.3  Foster sees Albaf and gets a quick shot off, but misses.
2.4.5  Karchee watches for Saab to step around the corner with the RPK and fires a burst into his chest, killing him.
2.4.6  Alfarsi makes his Morale check (Alluha Ackbar!) and takes an aimed shot at Foster but still misses.
2.5.3  Saqqaff, overcome with curiosity, looks outside and sees the gory remains of Elam, Hussain, and his leader Muhammed. The smell of ammonia follows him as he runs away.
2.5.4  Dooney realizes that there is a fighter on the other side of the wall, yells “Frag Out” and tosses a grenade. Unfortunately, it lands on the other side of the low wall. When it detonates, it shreds the unconscious Abdullah and does enough damage to kill Alfarsi. However, it also does 10 damage to Foster, although his armor absorbs most of it, leaving him with a light wound and burning desire to put his boot up Dooney’s arse.

2.5.9  Brady advances around the car and up the alleyway.
2.5.10  Entovich follows behind Brady.
2.6.3  Karchee stands from his position and runs to follow Brady and Entovich.
2.6.4  Albaff, having just seen his friends killed and hearing no returning fire from his side, fails his Morale check and runs like a demon between the buildings and down the road toward safety.

2.6.8  Foster passes his Morale.

At that point there were no remaining intifada forces on the table, with seven killed and two forced to retire. The combined patrol rescued the three prisoners and called for medical evac. The victors suffered only a light wound, ironically caused by Dooney’s poor application of a grenade. Later, Foster kindly suggests that the next time Donney gets the urge to “Frag Out”, Foster will place the aforementioned frag firmly in Dooney’s rectum.