Sunday, April 19, 2015

Terrain Weekend

One thing I am a sucker for is a great looking gaming table. I love the tables made to demo Skirmish Sangin and I try to do just as good in 20mm scale. While doing a c9ouple of solo games (my daughter calls it "playing with myself"), I realized that I have several buildings and vehicles, but not much in the way of trees an hills to match the terrain of Afghanistan or Iraq. So, I spent an evening and then some manufacturing more vegetable matter to hide behind or among. 

While doing some research and watching helmet-cam videos taken in the area I was struck by how familiar it looked, despite the fact that I've never been there. Then it dawned on me that Afghanistan looks a great deal like where I grew up along the Utah Idaho border. Sure, there are differences in the towns and built up areas, but once you head into the Wasatch Mountains, I'd be hard pressed to tell you if I was closer to Sangin or Salt Lake City. 

Anyway, here are some sample pics:

This small broad hill is only a little taller than 1" but can be pivotal for a battle space. Above the hill is a row of low bushes like one might find along a creek or ditch.

A few trees on a base of two CDs glued together. I don't think anyone would use this as cover but it may provide some concealment or a rally point.

A small orchard. I honestly don't know what they grow in Afghanistan besides rocks and mujahadin but these could be any kind of bushes or low trees. . 

Another set of sparse trees. Again, this isn't the dense forests of Europe but the rocky terrain of a generally inhospitable land.