Friday, December 19, 2014

Sangin Skirmish War Game Scenarios: The European Intifada

The following is a series of war game scenarios that portray a near-future fictional Islamic State-sponsored uprising of Muslim insurgents in European countries. This "European Intifada" supposes that following a successful conquest of Syria and Iraq, the Islamic State (also known as IS, ISIS and ISIL) attempts to push its war to European soil.

The scenarios are written with the war game Skirmish Sangin in mind but can be modified to any modern skirmish rules.

Dawn of the Intifada

"The European Intifada began with dozens of attacks around Europe and Great Britain designed to shock law enforcement and the local populations. While most of these initial actions resembled more traditional terrorist attacks, such as bombings and assassinations, a few demonstrated that the intifada had more tenacity. However, in the chaotic opening hours of the intifada, no one realized the long-term difficulties that such attacks foreshadowed."
A History of the European Intifada by Manheim Frye

The uprising begins with an unprecedented wave of simultaneous terrorist attacks across Europe. Although the attacks initially appears to be isolated events, it quickly becomes clear that a larger strategy is at work.

Scenarios in this phase of the intifada feature small groups of SWAT units pitted against well-armed groups of IS insurgents in prepared positions. The SWAT units are unprepared to face the machine-guns and rocket propelled grenades of the opposition while the insurgents are mostly inexperienced amateurs. Neither side has problems with communications as the local cell networks have not yet been shut down.


  • The Tulip and the Crescent
  • Radio Dish Dash

The Long Dark Haul

"While many authorities resisted the truth, by the middle of the month it was plain to outside observers and most common European citizens that the continent's three quarters century of peace was over. War had come once again and this time there would be no clean divisions along national borders or ideological lines. This time, the killing was entirely internal, with neighborhoods, families and friends set against each other in deadly violence. It was to be a civil war that spared no one and allowed none to refuse to choose a side."
A History of the European Intifada by Manheim Frye

Once the shock of the initial uprising faded, the nations of Europe realize that pockets of territory, usually urban locations, are now under the control of IS insurgents. The insurgents strike out from these pockets at will and attack soft targets across the country. Most countries enact strict security measures, such as posting military troops for internal security, establishing checkpoints, and scrutinizing public communications.

Scenarios in this phase of the intifada feature a mixed bag of hit-and-run attacks and


  • Londonistan
  • Paris is Choking

The Sputtering Torch

"Although many praise the technological innovations that came about during the European Intifada, it was time itself that wore down the Islamic State's war machine. IS continued to mount attacks, but the constant combat reduced the number of experienced insurgents available to fight. Likewise, the massive wave of raw recruits who sacrificed themselves at the outset of the conflict had been whittled down to a handful of shell-shocked veterans. Those new recruits pulled from European strongholds had witnessed their fathers and brothers cut down when they mistook religious fervor for tactical skill. These young men and women were far less willing to martyr themselves than their predecessors. The war moved to a new phase of long periods of uneasy quiet punctuated by intense violence."
A History of the European Intifada by Manheim Frye

The violence in Europe slowly subsides, but never seems to conclude. Where IS strongholds remain, they become reinforced and better armed. The surrounding militarized law enforcement and military forces focus on keeping insurgents from escaping, conducting raids, and maintaining a high level of security seemingly everywhere.


  • Roadblocked
  • Reinforcements
  • Siege of Berlin

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