Friday, January 2, 2015

Rare Commentary: ISAF Mission in Afghanistan Ends

Small Plastic Rage is a blog about war gaming, particularly focused on modern and near-future conflicts. As a rule, I try to avoid other, more divisive subjects like politics or world events. There are other blogs for that kind of thing and usually written by better minds than myself.

However, on occasion the real world intrudes on the my fictional gaming universe. This happened on Sunday, December 28, when the ISAF's mission in Afghanistan came to a quiet end, at least officially. Many NATO nations that had combat and support personnel in the country have already withdrawn their forces. Although roughly 10,000 troops will remain in support of the Afghan national government and the army, defense of the country will be under Afghan leadership. The patrols, raids, and other combat actions previously conducted exclusively by ISAF forces have, for the most part, ended.

That doesn't mean that the war games and scenarios have to end. I'm going to continue playing, gaming, and writing as if nothing had changed. Maybe nothing really has.

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