Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Flames of World War III: Battlefield Announced Team Yankee

As a child of the Cold War, a conflict between NATO and the Soviet Union in Europe seemed a near inevitability to me growing up. I consumed fiction from the era, including Clancy's Red Storm Rising, The Third World War by Sir John Hackett, and the novel that it inspired, Harold Coyle's Team Yankee. I distinctly recall watching the Berlin Wall falling on television and feeling elated for the East Germans but also thinking, "Damn, that's going to put in crimp in my Twilight 2000 campaign."

The greatest war that never was (THANK GOD) has continued to fascinate me and I continue to read what is now alternative history fiction as well as taking delight in the uncovering of both side's formerly secret plans. I've dabbled with a few wargames for the era, including Force on Force's Cold War Gone Hot (which is almost as good a historical read as a wargame resource) and playing a few Skirmish Sangin scenarios, but never really jumped feet first into anything.

That may be changing, as Battlefield has announced Team Yankee, a Cold War setting for Flames of War.

Of course, its based on the book by Coyle but I suspect there's going to be a pretty wide range of miniatures and other resources for it, including BAOR (British Army On the Rhine) and West German sourcebooks.

Now I'll just have to teach the youngsters that I play with that there was a time before the Internet and cell phones and Starbucks and...

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