Monday, August 31, 2015

Skirmish at Bordesly Green

The following is a brief AAR of a short solo game that I played over the weekend. The scenario was played in my European Intifada setting, in a Birmingham (UK) that has been badly damaged by fighting between UK soldiers and Islamic State forces and is nicknamed “Brummiegrad”.

Location: Intersection of Hob Moor Rd & Yardley Green Rd (Bordesly Green, Birmingham, UK)
Time: Dusk (–25 to Spotting)
Weather: Clear


  • UK Mission: One Section, Fireteam A, was to reconnoiter a 3-story building at the corner of Hob Moor Rd. and Yardley Green as an OP. Previous drone recon had shown the building to be empty.
  • IS Mission: Barrak’s Band (7 fighters) was to hold the recently occupied northern side of Yardley Green Rd on both sides of Hob Moor Rd.


One Section, Fireteam A (L. Corp. Avery, Pvt. Broderick, Pvt. Chen, and Pvt. Denton), approached the target building by traversing through a bombed out section of the west side of Hob Moor Rd. until reaching Yardley Green Rd.

L. Corp. Avery went prone and surveyed the target building and nearby buildings but failed to see the hiding IS fighters in the target building and the building to the east, across Hob Moor Rd.

Pvt. Broderick made a dash across Yardley Green Rd. and came under snap fire from IS fighters with AKs and an RPK.

L. Corp. Avery (kneeling) and Pvt. Denton returned fire.

Additional IS fighters fired on Avery and Denton from the target building and the building to the east (a fighter with an RPG spotted Avery but could not fire due to potential backblast).

Broderick failed his morale check and was Retired, leaving the board and giving the IS a victory.

Avery was hit by fire incoming fire and received a Serious Wound.

Denton and Pvt. Chen evacuated Avery off the board, leaving the buildings in the hands of the IS.

Skirmish Outcome

  • UK: 1 Forcibly Retired and evacuation of 1 Serious Wound
  • IS (VICTOR): No casualties, in control of the target building

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