Monday, July 13, 2015

Tank Hunters

In keeping with my recent turn toward the real-world conflict in the Ukraine, I present the following scenario. While written for the Skirmish Sangin miniatures game, the scenario is adaptable to other games with some work.

The Russian Separatists have learned that a Ukrainian T-55 tank that had been damaged is now repaired and is returning to combat. Although old and outdated, the reintroduction of the T-55 threatens to swing local battles against the Russians. The route to the battle field is known to the Russians and a group has infiltrated the lines to ambush the tank.

The Ukrainians must get the T-55 to the battle lines as soon as possible and are overconfident that their rear areas are safe. They have assigned only a jeep armed with a machine gun to lead the tank and provide additional security.

This scenario is one that could be a total wipe-out for either side. As far as points, the Ukrainians far outweigh the Russians and the T-55 carries enough firepower to destroy the ambush team. However, the Russians have the element of surprise and the tank's range of motion is potentially restricted by walls and muddy terrain.

Scenario Rules

Turret Slew

At the start of the scenario the main gun and coaxial machine gun are facing forward. The turret of the T-55 must be slewed left or right to bring its weapons to bear on any target not in front of it. Doing so takes time, specifically one phase per 90 degree turn. The main gun and the coaxial MG cannot fire on the ambushers until after it has moved.

Cold War Throttle

The maximum speed of the T-55 is 10' (20 meters) while on the road and 7' (14 meters) while off road. Note that this does not apply to the Ukrainian jeep.

Scenario Setup

Each square is 10 meters. The walls shown on the map are low rock walls (1 meter tall) and provide medium cover. The hedges along the northeast portion of the road are 2 meters tall and provide Medium cover to spot but no cover to area-effect weapons. All fields are considered plowed/mud and -20% to driving

The field to the southwest contains a small wetlands area that is lower than the surrounding terrain. This provides the equivalent of Soft Cover. Travel through the area by a vehicle uses the Ford difficulty (-20%) in addition to the plowed/mud of the fields.

The Russians have chosen to attack near an abandoned farmhouse while the tank is potentially hemmed in by stone walls on either side of the road. The Russians must be located within 18' of the left side and begin the game Hidden. Reminder: The minimum distance for the RPG-7 is 5' (10 meters). 

The Ukrainians enter the board from the top (north) and must exit along the southern edge of the board (not necessarily on the road). The jeep must go first, followed by the tank.

Russian Brief

"We've learned that a T-55 that has been languishing in a Nationalist repair depot is ready to return to combat. Even though its older than my father, this beast will make our lives difficult unless we stop it. We know the route it will take and have hand picked a team of fighters armed with RPGs to intercept it. With luck, the tank will never reach the front lines."

Ukrainian Brief

"The mechanics have managed to resurrect one of our old T-55s. It smells like a refinery and looks like my mother-in-law, but it's firepower will terrify the insurrectionists. But first, a small group of soldiers in a jeep will guide our revived beauty to the front lines."

Victory Conditions


  • For each Ukrainian killed or wounded: 10 pts
  • Jeep destroyed: 25 pts
  • T-55 destroyed: 100 pts


  • For each Russian killed or wounded: 10 pts
  • Jeep successfully exits board: 25 pts
  • T-55 successfully exits board: 100 pts

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