Thursday, March 26, 2015

WIP: Afghan/Iraqi Buildings

It's Spring Break in my part of the world. For the Fat Bastard, it's a magical time when the Bastardess and the little Bastards go visit the in-laws and leave me to my own devices. I've spent the last few evenings adding to my collection of buildings (20mm scale) for wargames. Using foam core, spackle, and house paint samples, I put together an assortment of Middle-Eastern/Afphan houses, a garage, an apartment building, and a couple of shops. The one with the tower doubles as a dice tower.

I'm not terribly crafty (that's the Bastardess' department) but I am pleased with how these are turning out as they are reasonably square or rectangular, roughly to scale, and not glued together or worse, stuck to my body.

Once all of these are complete, I'll add signs, wiring, and other details.


  1. These look really great, could you please share some approximate dimensions for the buildings and doors, windows?

  2. Walls are 2" tall for single story homes and shops. For multiple-story buildings, all but the top floor are 1.75" and the top floor is 2" floor. Doors are 1.25" tall and windows start at 0.5" from the base and are generally 0.5" square.